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Asset Acquisition Transfer of Subsurface and Wells Data


As part of an asset purchase, our client needed to transfer digital and physical subsurface data into its systems.  Because of Ventures detailed understanding of the data types and systems involved together with our extensive experience of similar exercises, we were entrusted to implement appropriate processes and standards and to manage the transfer process such that the on-going needs of the business were met and a dataset was delivered that could be trusted.


Our client had recently acquired assets that necessitated the transfer of a large volume of digital and physical sub-surface data. Venture was engaged to provide the following:

  • To project manage the transfer effort using both Venture’s expertise and that of third parties where appropriate
  • To transfer and QC all subsurface data provided by the seller to our client’s Landmark systems within agreed timeframes.
    • To assess if there was any “missing data” from the supplied data set and work towards obtaining this
    • To develop and document data loading processes and QC/QA steps for each data type. These would provide the basis for the professionalisation of Data Management within the company and also provide a solid platform for the transfer of data in any future asset purchases
    • To manage the transfer of wells data using third party expertise for various specialised software packages and also for Landmark’s EDM Wells application suite
    • To assess the validity of the physical data indices
    • The provision of ad-hoc support for the production environment following the data transfer


  • For each data type; data loading processes and QA/QC criteria were developed, documented and agreed with the client
  • Data was received from the seller periodically through the timespan of the project. On receipt, the data was prioritised according to current business needs:
    • High priority data –data key to the immediate needs of our clients subsurface team
    • Non-immediate data –data not required to meet the immediate needs of the business, but required for future use
  • All digital data was loaded to a Staging system for QC prior to migration to the Production system
  • Venture worked closely with IT, Business Support, IM and the Acquisition Project applications team to ensure a smooth transition from receipt to production
  • Where appropriate, unstructured data was mapped to existing folders and migrated across using Venture’s V-KIT tool set.
  • The indices for the physical data were checked for records relevant to Subsurface and Wells, these indices were then transferred to the client’s IM function.


Our client gained:

  • A set of data that they can use with full confidence, knowing there is no missing data and all data has been Quality Controlled
  • Early access to priority data to meet immediate business needs
  • A set of standards and processes that can be used again for future transitions and quality management.
  • As well as documented Data Management subsurface loading procedures, Venture provided a strategy for a future approach to managing subsurface data. This included the data flows between applications and the organisation of projects across multiple repositories. For instance, the concept of corporate, master/reference and working data stores.


Client Spotlight


Venture has an extensive history of successful delivery of information management solutions to Nexen.