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Document Collation for Sub-sea System Certification


A leading multi-national exploration company has developed a new sub-sea system comprised of a large number of individual components manufactured by a number of external contractors. The company faced a requirement to collate manufacturing and quality assurance documentation for each component, and thus ensure that each stage of manufacture and assembly had been fully certificated before installation on the sea floor.

A method for being able to check quality assurance stages on each component and group of components was required, with a means of reporting this data back to manufacturers and to management. With much of the data residing in paper documents and on personal spreadsheets, a way of centralising and publishing this information was seen as essential, to avoid critical information being missed.


Venture, in conjunction with the project engineers, developed a web-based application which, through the use of hot-spots overlaid onto technical schematics of components, allows users to navigate graphically through the sub-sea system. At each stage, from individual connectors to the system as a whole, relevant documentation (including scanned documents) and QA information is displayed, with access to photographs, original schematics, and so on. Administrative data update facilities and documents upload functions, ensure the QA data is up to date at all times.

The application provides users with rapid access to Quality Assurance data for each component in the system, and also allows the project team to find any holes in the overall QA and thus liase with manufacturers and contractors to fill the gaps prior to installation


The graphical representation of the structure allows users to rapidly 'drill-down' to access data for any component.
The reporting functionality allows identification of missing information to be easily identified and manufacturers and contractors contacted.

With much of the data residing in paper documents and on personal spreadsheets, the system allowed a way of centralising and publishing this information, to avoid critical information being missed.

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